Condolences for Tykece Mike-Jones

Margarette McCarty posted on 10/13/18

I'm so sorry for your loss. May you be confronted by Jesus words at John 5:25,28,29. It tells us that the hour is coming when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God and live. We do have a grand hope and a promise from God himself that we may be able to see our love ones again.


Anna posted on 10/7/18

Tykece never gave a care what people thought and I remember one time I came into work and there was a piece of paper taped over the trash circle on the sauce table saying “miss me with your trash. (I am NOT a trash can.)” Cracked me up when I found it and I figured it had to have been Ty. I asked him about it later and he just looked at me with his cheeky grin and said “how’d you know it was me??” We both started laughing because it was such a Tykece thing to do and we both knew it. Gonna miss you Ty and the laughs we shared. I remember you telling me I was gonna have to visit you in Hawaii and we was gonna live it up. Heartbroken you didn’t get to see that dream through. But Imma make it there one day and light one up for you, promise. See ya on the other side Ty, always will have love for you.


Tyler Morales posted on 10/3/18

I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday we were joking about mindless nonsense while throwing together tacos for ungrateful customers. This world is a cruel, cruel place and now all I can hope for you is that you're resting easy. I'll miss you, brother. I'll never have another quite like you.


Precious Jones posted on 10/3/18

My baby omg this doesnt feel real. We didn't talk as much but we had each other back through whatever. I had just talked to you waiting for my visit. I wish I had a chance to hug you one last time before you joined the Lord. Coolest most laid back confident cousin out of them all. I'm going to forever miss and think of you. Xoxo Munchie


Erika Pell posted on 10/3/18

I’ll never forget your smile. Your love for your friends and the fun times we shared when we were young. You’ll never be forgotten.


Ethan Laffoon posted on 10/3/18

Rest In Peace Tykece, we was best friends, brothers. I was so proud of you and was looking forward to seeing you in Hawaii, but now i look forward too seeing you again on the other side. Prayers for the family


Alli Wheatley-Spear posted on 10/3/18

May you rest peacefully Tykece, in a place with ever lasting happiness where violence does not exist. Keeping you, and all of your loved ones in my thoughts.


JT Talley posted on 10/2/18

When I was their sitter, watching him be the oldest with a closeness to his Mom that was special.